We offer a variety of services to our customers; Festival tours, Overland journey, Trekking in Ladakh, Royal En field journey, Cycling in Ladakh, Amateurs expedition in Ladakh – Stok Kangri summit, Mentok Kangri summit, Holiday Package to Kashmir & Himachal Pradesh, Educational tours to school and college students in Ladakh, Photography tours in Ladakh.



We organize overland journey from Delhi to Ladakh via Chandigarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. Overland Journey to Ladakh to Delhi and Delhi to Ladakh is one of the most exciting and adventure ride. Road is passing through urbanization of low land Delhi, agriculture land of India, Punjab and alpine mountainous region of Himalaya, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir and dry desert mountainous region of Himalaya, Ladakh and Spiti valley. We have team of experience cab driver for both heavy traffic road of Delhi & Punjab and mountainous road of Kashmir, Himachal, and Ladakh & Spiti valley. 


The ancient trails that crisscross Ladakh provide some of the most fascinating trekking experience in the Himalayas. Ladakh offers one of the best trekking destination in the Himalaya as the weather remains pleasant and rainfall is very scarce making it pleasurable and enjoyable from June to September. Trekking route traverse through sparsely populated remotes villages where people live in harmony wildlife. With many trails passing through ancient monasteries, through fertile farming villages and meadows, arid canyons, and snow covered mountains, trekking in Ladakh is fantastically varied adventure. For our treks, we will provide expert local guide to enrich your trekking experience along with kitchen staff, porters, and helpers. 


We organize various educational tours to school and college student with specially designed itineraries not only targeted at learning but also with outdoor activities, camps and expeditions.
Some of the features of educational tours organized by us include.

A cultural exchange programmed come tour to learn about the cultural heritage of Ladakh history of Ladakh, folk and traditional way of living, rituals and customs.

Organic farming and traditional agricultural practices tour: This tour would be focused mainly on learning and experiencing the centuries old method of farming in Ladakh.

A Wildlife tour. Biodiversity in Ladakh has been well preserved since ages.  In this wildlife tour, we would arrange visit to these various wildlife spots where you can see and learn about those high altitude birds and wild animals.

Medicinal plant tour. A journey though the cold desert of Ladakh might look barren and lifeless to visitors, but if explored there is a rich variety of plant species, out of which about 50% of plants have medicinal and aromatic properties. To facilitate such exploration, we organize trekking and tours to all the sites of medicinal plants accompanied by a local Amchi - practitioner of traditional medicine.


Due to high altitude and mountainous roads all over, Ladakh offers a varied experience of cycling. The route passes through breath-taking Landscapes with constantly changing terrain. It offers exciting and mega stiff un-ending descends with twist and turns that thrills the souls. Clear, pristine and ratified air gives the energy to carry-on for ever from one pass to the other crossing ranges of mountains to find beautiful remote villages. We have number of routes to suite the cyclist interest and stamina.  The Longest challenge route is from Ladakh Manali and Ladakh to Spiti Valley. In cycle tour, we camp on beautiful and natural locations, the camping gears, guide, helpers and chef will follow with you in jeep. 


Camping tour is one of the best idea for spending your holidays in a different way and is one of nature beyond specialties. We organize camping tour in Ladakh, taking tourist to different parts of Ladakh regions and we will carry all modern outdoor amenities like; Sleeping tent, Dinning tent, Toilet tent, folding chairs, tables and team of professional driver, chief, guide, helpers.